Rob Deptford, BJour

Career Transition Coach

I’ve been involved in hundreds of employee layoffs. Many departing employees have told me how unhappy they were in their job, and how relieved they felt to be let go. They had become disenchanted. Their performance showed it. Their colleagues, managers, family and friends noticed it.

Unfortunately, now they had to take a reactionary approach to career planning under stressful circumstances.

What if they had been more proactive in their career management? What if their company had offered independent, unbiased coaching as a resource prior to having to make a termination decision?

Some people are able to rediscover joy in their current role. Others choose to move on, and that’s what is best for both them and their company. Some even choose to completely reinvent themselves.

Forge Ahead Coaching grew out of a desire to help people navigate the changing world of work through coaching, strategy development and action to help them be happy, effective and resilient as they progress in their careers.

Everyone has a unique situation. That said, here are some areas we may consider:

Career transition can involve assessment, exploration, networking techniques, coached resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, salary negotiation strategies and communicating your departure.

You CAN love your work!

Let’s forge ahead together!